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Telkom University's vision is to become a World Class University which actively involved in development of science and art with information technology-based.

Telkom University was established on August 14, 2013 by the Decree of Director General of Higher Education (Kemendikbud) number 309/E/0/2013. Telkom University is a private university established by Telkom Education Foundation. It was formed out of a merger of four private higher educations, namely Telkom Institute of Technology (founded as STT Telkom, 1990), Telkom Institute of Management (founded as STMB Telkom, 1990), Telkom Polytechnic (Politel, 2007), and Telkom College of Art and Design Indonesia (STISI Telkom, 2011).

STT Telkom and STMB Telkom were established in 1990 on the initiative of Ir. Cacuk Sudarjanto, the Chief Director PT. Telkom,

Indonesia’s largest state-owned company in telecommunication. Both colleges were the first higher educations in Indonesia specializing in the field of telecommunications and information technology.

Telkom University’s campus in Bandung Technoplex is originally the integrated campus site developed for STT Telkom, which was officially opened by the President of Republic Indonesia, Suharto, in March 24, 1994. In the past, the area is the location of the second oldest radio stations in Indonesia owned by the Dutch colonial government. These radio stations then brought the historical news of the Indonesian Declaration of Independence on August 17, 1945 to the world.

Telkom University was formed out of a merger of four institutions of higher education. The four institutions were Telkom Institute of Technology, Telkom Institute of Management, Telkom Politechnics and Telkom Arts School.

Each of the four schools formed a faculty inside the university.

The plan to merge the four institutions were in existence from as early as 2011. It was initially planned that the-

four institutions would be merged into one university in 2012 and in August 31, 2013, the Grand Launching of Telkom University was established by Professor M. Nuh, the Minister of Education and Culture, Republic Indonesia.


Organize and develop international standard education
Create, Implement, and disseminate science, technology, management, and art which is internationally recognized
Implement community service activities through the use of science, technology, management, and art


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